• Personal use SCENAR Personal use SCENAR

    Chans SCENAR devices for home use are designed for a wide range of consumers. They are reliable, easy to adjust and inexpensive. Everyone can learn how to use it.

  • Professional SCENAR Professional SCENAR

    SCENAR devices are used as a primary or subsidiary remedy to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases, to treat functional disorders, to deliver emergency care in many urgent situations. SCENAR is a new technology in medicine.

  • Add-on electrodes Add-on electrodes

    Remote electrodes are produced separately and connected to the SCENAR devices with special connectors. Designed for treatment in places difficult to access and for a specific impact on the patient.

  • RITM-ULM Devices RITM-ULM Devices

    OLM (Healing compound blanket) is intended for complex treatment of a wide range of diseases, for the regulation of psycho-emotional disorders, to improve sleep, to increase resistance to stress factors, to relieve muscle tension.