The Berlin conference is a success

The Berlin conference is a success


The International 'SCENAR against pain' Conference in Berlin has finished. During this eventthe representatives of SCENAR society had the opportunity not only to deepen their knowledge of SCENAR therapy and its practical application in various disorders, but also to discuss all the important questions with manufacturers of SCENAR devices and leading SCENAR therapists. During the second round table discussion Irina Ershovahas addressed the questions regarding the use of the Dose 5 mode, as far as this method hadraised much interest of the attendees. Following a good, old tradition, the organizers awarded those partners who made significant contribution in development and distribution of SCENAR technology with certificates of appreciation. This was followed with the giveaway, and the luckiest participants had wonRITM OKB ZAO products.

At the end of the round table discussions RITM OKB partners have shared their view of the SCENAR technology, SCENAR business and SCENAR training courses development. We do appreciate their feedback and will do our best in order to reach the highest possible development with help of our partners.

The materials of the conference (videos and slides) would be provided within 2-3 weeks.

We would like to thank all the participants, speakers, organizers, interpreters and technical staff of the conference once again. The conference would hardly be possible without them all.
Looking forward to seeing you at future RITM OKB ZAO events!

Photo by M.Unakafov

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