SCENAR in combined therapy against cancer

SCENAR in combined therapy against cancer


SCENAR can be applied against cancer in combination with X-ray and drug therapies.
— We have tried to use Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (ELFMF) in combination with SCENAR therapy. We used them during a chemoradiotherapy of breast cancer and also at the early postoperative period at lung cancer and preoperative period at colorectal cancer patients, — recalls doctor of biological sciences, head of FSBI laboratory of the Rostov research oncological institute of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation Alla Shikhlyarova.
According to Alla Shikhlyarova, the patients with lung cancer were treated for the first time on the second day after the operation and the treatment lasted for two weeks. The amount of postoperative complications and fatal cases has decreased.
Besides, all the patients who got accompanying ELFMF and SCENAR therapy overcame a two year period after radical operation. Only 66% of the patients, among those who was operated but did not get an accompanying therapy overcame the two year period. After palliative operation, i.e. in more severe cases, and at accompanying ELFMF and SCENAR treatment the average life expectancy is 6,2 months, while without the treatment – 3 months.
That means that ELFMF and SCENAR treatment technology increases the protective potential of the body at specific antineoplastic therapy. The results of the researches are supported by six Russian patents.
At that specialists of the institute point out the following: they used SCENAR only in combination with other antineoplastic therapy facilities, the device is not an independent facility of antineoplastic therapy.
Only a specialist of oncological institute can use SCENAR impulse at cancer.  Never treat cancer patients with SCENAR without having consulted with a specialist.

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